Fullstack web software engineer dealing with nodejs + docker + raspberry pi stuff

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    $Fi$$ .. ``:iii.`-":YYYYY$$YY$$$$$YYYiiYiYYY
    :Y$$rb ````  `_..;;i;YYY$YY$$$$$$$YYYYYYYiYY:


  • ammobin.ca: Meta search site for ammo prices across Canada
  • mokintoken.ramsay.xyz (TOR): selfhosted e2e encrypted note sharing site
  • massive-pass.ramsay.xyz (TOR): an unimportant selfhosted password generator
  • vscode-gtm: gtm (git time metric) extension for Visual Studio
  • vue-compound-interest-calculator: simple compound interest calculator using vue.js
  • elastic-cache-calculator: figure out the minimal number of nodes required to have in order to build an AWS Elastic Cache Redis cluster for a given size + network using Elm
  • delay-server: very basic tiny mock http server in a docker container to generate some network requests of some expected response time range + failure rate
  • crappy-preact-fargate-calculator: worst project to date. given vcpu + ram, get the hourly cost of a single service. built using preact
  • nqh: An implementation of Angular’s $http service for node

The source of this site is available at https://github.com/nexus-uw/nexus-uw.github.io.