created caddy-do and caddy-gandi

both of these containers are plain caddy containers with the DigitalOcean and Gandi DNS plugins already installed.


enabled auto build using github actions

keeps the base image up to date (since these ones dont need be changed)

allows for SSL at home (behind ones NAT)

I have found it handy to assign real public DNS names to my internal devices (ie: ->

Enabling HSTS on (with subdomains) has then caused my browser to refuse to connect to http only servers at home.

Since Caddy usually issues certs by hosting a validation file on your server, it needs to be publicly accessible. But with DNS validation, the server can be isolated on a private network (like ones NAT at home)

Buy why ssl home?

  1. protect against local network snooping (ie: random cheap iot device, not so friendly guest)
  2. can efforce HTTPS only CSP for self hosted site
  3. allows one to enroll their personal domain in HSTS preload list (since it requires HSTS header to includeSudDomains)