Since it is now 2018, its time to upgrade nodejs logging from console logging to selfhosted

My current choice is Elasticsearch + fluent + fluent-logger-node + winston. When you are ready to implement something more complex to support custom kibana/grafana dashboards, you’ll need to upgrade from'currently have 1 active user')


You’ll probably see the following in your fluentd log:

2018-10-12 02:17:57 -0400 [warn]: #0 dump an error event: error_class=Fluent::Plugin::ElasticsearchErrorHandler::ElasticsearchError error="400 - Rejected by Elasticsearch" location=nil tag="" time=1539325072 record={"message"=>{"type"=>"active-users", "count"=>1}, "level"=>"info"}

To fix this, you will have to re-create the index so that Elasticsearch will pick up on that the message field is a complex object rather that a string.