Correction Of Error (COE) for downtime

site was down for most of friday

Cause: droplet disconnects from public ip

  • not able to ssh or ping
  • going through digital ocean console, able to access terminal, no ethX visible at all, even after many restarts
  • reach out to support at 9am pst. receive response 5pm pst. did not fix issue

Fix: created new droplet

  1. git clone ammobin-compose
  2. filled out secrets (.env file)
  3. docker-compose up -d
  4. switch over dns record new droplet starts getting traffic immediately

Lessons Learned:

  • ability to quickly spin up fresh machine is easy with docker compose (able to bring site back with 10mins of work)
  • external + automated backups are a good thing (lost dashboards + stats + cron jobs)
  • dont wait around on support people to fix things if able to just recreate
  • some cloud init scripts to set up machine for me (oh-my-zsh, docker, docker-compose) would be nice
  • publicly exposed status page at

note: COE is an amazon thing that is well described here: