Do love the Unix way of doing things?
Do you want to securely store your passwords?
Do you love Pass?

But are you stuck on Windows for some reason or another, then keep reading.

Prefer a GUI, see : Pass4Win or qtpass 


  1. Download Cygwin 
  2. Click through the installer
  3. When prompted to select packages
    1.  include utils -> gnupg
    2. devel -> git
    3. devel -> make
    4. utils -> tree
  4. Launch cygwin as administrator (right click program icon -> run as administrator)
  5. clone the pass repo  (git clone
  6. cd to repo directory (cd password-store)
  7. install pass (make install)
  8. initialize pass (pass init)
  9. pass is now ready to use

Recommended additional security precautions (this is very much an incomplete list)
- encrypt the drive where the pgp key and password files are stored
- make sure that your private key has a strong password
- restrict .password-store  to only yourself and make it hidden

2015-10-02 Correction: forgot to include required tree package (causes "tree: command not found")