Since Dropbox does not support ARM Linux (Android being another story) and having kept their daemon closed source, there is no direct way to take advantage of Dropbox's awesome-ness for ARM Linux servers. Luckily, Dropbox already provides something of a work around for this hidden away in its SDK.

What I Used

What To Do

  1. Go to, download, and then install the correct version of setup tools on the server (required by Dropbox). Then in the terminal

    scp setuptools-0.6c11-py2.7.egg USERNAME@SERVER:LOCATION
    sudo sh
  2. Go to Follow the steps outlined, picking a 'Full Dropbox' app type and the Python SDK. Save the app key and secret key for later. Then in the terminal, again.

    sudo python install

  3. Now to update the required fields in (dropboxSDK)/examples/ using your favorite text editor. From step 2, copy+paste the app key and secret key into their respective variables at the top of the file.
  4. Run the program from the terminal with


    It will ask you to visit a link to authorize the app. Open the link your web browser and click 'Allow'. You should only have to do this once.

This example app is a highly simplified command-line tool for working with your Dropbox folder. It is missing most of what makes Dropbox Dropbox but it forms a great stepping off point for a home-brewed hack.

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